Coffee Roasted to Perfection

There’s a

New Bean

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Experience freshly roasted local coffee

We roast a variety of beans throughout the week so our coffees are always at their peak flavor.

Come visit us at our Coffee Shop located in Quakertown at the Trolley Barn Public Market. The menu consists of a variety of specialty drinks, breakfast danish, and bagged coffee. We are open Thursdays-Sundays!

Our coffees are all 100% specialty grade Arabica beans.  We only purchase the best beans from our importer who sources and samples beans from all over the world. (No, we don’t have the time to personally travel the globe in search of the best coffee farms.  Our trusted importer has the resources and experts to do that for us.)

Maximum Flavor

We roast these beans with meticulous care to maximize the flavor of each variety of bean so that you can truly enjoy the coffee that’s in your mug.

We offer single origins, blends, and flavored coffees as well as naturally decaffeinated and naturally decaffeinated flavors.  If you are looking for something we don’t have, let us know.  We can develop a roast just for you.



RED DOOR has been a symbol of hospitality since colonial times. Travelers knew that a home with a RED DOOR would be a welcoming place to rest, enjoy a meal and possibly spend the night.  Coffee has always been a beverage of hospitality as well.

After more than 30 years in the hospitality industry, we know how important a good cup of coffee can be.  RED DOOR coffees are meticulously roasted using only the finest Arabica beans from around the world.  We invite you to enter our RED DOOR and share in our passion for food, friends, and great coffee.  Please enjoy!

Favorite Roasts

Try some of our most popular roasts or check out OUR COFFEE to find your favorite!

Roasted in the USA

All coffee is grown outside the United States with the exception of coffees grown in Hawaii. However, we can roast it here! Our roaster is made by hand right here in the USA and we plan to purchase all major equipment from United States manufacturers whenever possible. We are proud to be Americans!
God Bless America!

Where to buy?

We proudly sell our RED DOOR fresh-roasted coffee at the following locations:

Trolley Barn Public Market
116 E Broad Street
Quakertown, PA 18951

Diana’s Café
4907 Route 309
Center Valley, PA 18034


We have the capability of supplying consistent, fresh roasted results for restaurants, coffee shops, and businesses. If you are looking for something unique, we can develop a roast that is uniquely yours. Please call or email with your specific needs.


Thurs 8am-6pm
Fri-Sat 8am-7pm
Sun 10am-4pm


*By appointment only.

Contact us


Trolley Barn Public Market

116 E Broad Street
Quakertown, PA 18951

Diana’s Café

4907 Route 309
Center Valley, PA 18034